In Review: Written on Skin


"Shahbazi (already blessed with a startling beauty) was the singing attraction of this performance last night… His role as a boy seems tailor-made for him, his vocal accuracy and his acting self-confidence are disarming!"

"Shahbazi… contributes an almost unearthly beautiful countertenor."

"Shahbazi was a perfect fit for the role of The Boy - intriguingly radiant and with a beautiful sound."

"Shahbazi as “Angel” and "The Boy" with his intense and flawless countertenor has on the one hand the aloofness of an angel who is out of this world and on the other hand the innocence of a young boy who is easily seduced by a mature woman. He looks so outrageously good that you will be fascinated by him at the first note he sings."

"Shahbazi embodied the first angel and boy with angelic elegance up to Luciferian charm. With an iridescent voice and a pleasing timbre, he joined the vocal high level of the evening."

"The star of the evening, however, turns out to be the countertenor Cameron Shahbazi. A young singer about whom one would like to say that he simply looks outrageously good and enchants with his good looks - if it weren't a little bit sexist. But even without his dazzling appearance, his crystal clear voice is complemented by soft, guided movements."

"Shahbazi is with an ethereal lightness and yet always substantial tone, effortlessly applied, an overwhelming angel and book-painting boy, a being out of this world."

In Review: Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne


"The countertenor Cameron Shahbazi has proven himself worthy of future projects, convincing [the audience] with his velvet and resounding timbre and his charismatic delivery."

In Review: Concours Opéra Jeunes Espoires 


"Cameron Shahbazi, magnificent Canadian countertenor, captivated our attention from his first aria, a rare extract from A Midsummer Night's Dream by Britten. An intriguing personality, this 25 year-old artist has distinguished himself by his mysterious scenic presence, his voluptuous timbre and his highly studied interpretation." 

"In the second part of the evening, the audience, under his charm, waited impatiently for his return, under the sign of Handel: the tragic "Stille Amare" of Tolomeo. Cameron Shahbazi has brilliantly presented himself, with a stylistic rigour, and expressive power, which have earned him two well deserved awards: the Révélation and the Grand Avignon."


In Review: Concert with Baroque & Beyond  


"Shahbazi's voice is full, voluminous, timbre personal and beautiful. In the acoustic foyer his long lines were immaculate."

In Review: Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno


"Finally, the young countertenor Cameron Shahbazi as Disinganno: there is a world career on the rise. Charm, stage presence, unbelievable colour spectrum, tremendous enamel in the middle register... a big discovery of the Theater Aachen."

"In top form tonight, the countertenor Cameron Shahbazi as a Disinganno, presented above all the elegiac "earwigs" with haunting beauty."

"Shahbazi sang the role with a dark coloured timbre. Above all, his great "Crede l'uom"... remains in the ear."

In Review: Il Giasone


"Countertenor Cameron Shahbazi created a highly sympathetic lead, using his clear, flexible voice to portray the young, impetuous lover who vacillates between intense ardor and indecision."


Feature Editorial 


"[Cameron's] unique quality is confidence. His confidence is without fear, able to seize opportunities, yet maintain respect."


"It’s a unique set of passions that will almost certainly land him in the spotlight one day."